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This is the New & Noteworthy page for CDT 9.8 which is part of Eclipse 2019-06 Simultaneous Release


Copy qualified name

Added new option to copy in the clipboard a declaration fully qualified name. See Bug 546395.



Override virtual methods

Added new option to automatically override virtual methods of base classes. Right-click after class selection and then use "Override methods" sub-menu under the "Source" menu. The action can be triggered directly from the outline view too. See Bug 303870.



Code Analysis

C-style cast in c++

Added new checker to CODAN framework to check for c-style cast usage in c++ code. See Bug 545699.

Goto statement

Added new checker to CODAN framework to check for usage of goto statements. See Bug 545952.


Added new checker to CODAN framework to check for copyright compliance. See Bug 545702.

Switch completeness

Added new checker to CODAN framework to check for switch completeness. See Bug 355174.


Empty statements

Added new option to the UI to put empty statements on new line. See Bug 414681.

New line before identifier

Added new option to the UI to put function names on new line. See Bug 239878.

Constructor init list

Added new option to the UI to put new line after colon. See Bug 449394.


Added new option to the UI to put new line after label and to indent labels. See Bug 268404. NewLine2.jpg

Linkage declarations

Added new option to the UI to indent linkage declarations. See Bug 299482. Linkage.jpg

Pointer/reference position

Added new option to the UI to align pointer/reference for functions and declaration lists. See Bug 461435. Whitespace1.jpg

Formatting lambda expressions

Added new options to 'white space' and 'line wrapping' to format lambda expressions. See Bug 500000. Whitespace2.jpg


GnuMakefileGenerator API is now extendable It's possible to derive from GnuMakefileGenerator to solve the issue with selectable output directory for managed build. Current situation is that build system restricts the build directory to <configname>. Derived class can for instance define additional directory in project root which contains the configuration specific subdirectory. Then a structure <mydir>/<configname> becomes possible.


Disassembly view colors

Added new options to customize colors of disassembly view. In addition main background color changes according to the theme. See Bug 501609. DisassemblyViewOptions.png

Officially Supported GDB versions

While you can continue using CDT to debug with older versions of GDB, the oldest version officially supported is GDB 7.5.

GDB Remote Launch Bar Target support

Added Launch Bar support for gdb remote targets including over TCP and over serial. This is extensible to allow other target types which implement the gdb remote protocol to participate.


Launch Bar

Duplicate and Delete Configs

Added Duplicate and Delete buttons to the Configuration Editor that is openned when clicking on the gear icon on Launch Descriptors (the second selector in the Launch Bar). For Default launch descriptors that map directly to Launch Configurations, this will duplicate or delete the Launch Configuration. This is equivalent to the Duplicate and Delete toolbar buttons in the standard launch configuration editor.

For automatic launch descriptors, the Duplicate button is only enabled on public launch configuration types and will create a new launch configuration that is a copy of the current settings of the automatically created launch configuration.

Also for automatic launch descriptors, the Delete button is replaced with a Restore Defaults button that will delete the automatically created launch configuration and allow the configuration provider to create a new one with the default settings the next time it is needed.


Other changes

Class wizard methods

Added new options to create copy constructor/move constructor/copy and move assignment operators. See Bug 120883.

It's now possible to select the implementation type: default/delete/inline/definition. See Bug 547450.


Bugs Fixed in this Release

See Bugzilla report Bugs Fixed in CDT 9.8

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