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This is the New & Noteworthy page for CDT 9.5 which will be part of Eclipse Photon


Open Declaration is more fault-tolerant

When navigating from a function's declaration to its definition, we now successfully perform the navigation even if the signature of the definition doesn't match exactly (bug 525739). This is particularly useful when you're changing a function / method signature by modifying the declaration first, and then want to navigate to the definition (whose signature is temporarily mis-matching) to change that also.


Improved support for C++14 CDT's parser now supports C++14 lambda init-captures (bug 413527) and digit separators (bug 519062). (There is a known issue with digit separators where regions between separators can be colored as a character literal.)

Improved support for C++17 CDT's parser now supports C++17 nested namespace definitions (bug 490359), static_assert without message (bug 534808), constexpr if (bug 527427), if with initializer (bug 522216), switch with initializer (bug 531098), template <auto> (bug 519361), and *this in lambda captures (bug 535196).


Meson project support Meson projects are now supported using the new Core Model project type. Support includes UI configuration which uses the result of the meson command help to populate the UI. A manual ninja build can be requested via the UI so that non-standard targets (e.g. install) can be built that are not provided via the Launch bar. Container build support is also provided.

Container Build support for Core Model Projects Container Build is now supported for Core Model projects such as Meson, CMake, and the new Standard Make project types. Container Build support previously was only available for old-style Managed Build projects. Containers are treated simply as targets and are accessible via the Launch bar target pull-down which shows images for active Docker connections.


Remote timeout for debugging slow hardware Remote debugging configurations shipped with CDT (C/C++ Remote Application, GDB Hardware Debugging) now support a "Remote timeout (seconds)" as an option that can be passed to GDB early in the launch sequence with GDB's "set remotetimeout" option. This is useful when connecting to slow hardware for which GDB's 2 second default is too short. See bug 530635.

API modifications

  1. The constants IGDBJtagConstants.ATTR_JTAG_DEVICE and IGDBJtagConstants.DEFAULT_JTAG_DEVICE have been deprecated because GDB Hardware Debugging launch configurations now persist the selected JTAG device by ID (see bug 535024). Developers should use IGDBJtagConstants.ATTR_JTAG_DEVICE_ID and IGDBJtagConstants.DEFAULT_JTAG_DEVICE_ID instead.

Bugs Fixed in this Release

See Bugzilla report Bugs Fixed in CDT 9.5

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