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This is the New & Noteworthy page for CDT 9.11 which is part of Eclipse 2020-03 Simultaneous Release

Installing CDT 9.11.* on Eclipse 2020-06 and later requires a workaround when using Java 8

CDT 9.11 only requires Java 8 to run. However a new feature in Eclipse 2020-06 and later means that the install wizard may prevent installation. The workaround is to disable "Verify provisioning operation is compatible with currently running JRE" in Windows -> Preferences -> Install/Update. See Bug 564407.

Starting with CDT 10 Java 11 or greater will be required. See CDT/User/NewIn100

Launchbar and tools.templates moved

The source code for launchbar and tools.template have been moved to the main CDT git repo and the releases of them are published alongside CDT releases in CDT's p2 repo. See Bug 558439 and Merging Git Repos note on getting started with CDT development.

TM Terminal moved

The source code for the Eclipse TM Terminal ( has been moved to the main CDT git repo and the releases of them are published alongside CDT releases in CDT's p2 repo. See Bug 559474.


Binary integer literals

Added support for syntax coloring for binary integer literals from C++14. Such literals now use the same color and font as other numeric literals. See Bug 558923.

C++14 digit separators

Added support for digit separators introduced in C++14. Now the editor correctly interpret quotation marks inside numbers as a digit separators and highlights them as part of the number. See Bug 534070.

Doxygen options

Added new options to customize how auto-generation of doxygen comments is performed. See Bug 333134.


Code Analysis

Variable masking

Added a new checker to verify if a variable is masking another in a parent scope. See Bug 273252.

Shallow copy

Added a new checker for objects shallow copies, i.e. classes with possible external references without an explicit copy constructor and assignment operator. See Bug 545714.

Magic numbers

Added a new checker to detect "magic numbers". See Bug 546609.


Warning options

Added new options for warnings not included in the 'all' category. See Bug 527143.


Clang support

Removed the automatic discovery mechanism of Clang components (include, libraries an library paths). See Bug 535565 and the mentioned duplicates.

Bugs Fixed in this Release

See Bugzilla report Bugs Fixed in CDT 9.11

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