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This is the New & Noteworthy page for CDT 9.10 which is part of Eclipse 2019-12 Simultaneous Release

EPL v2 Launchbar and tools.templates is now released under the Eclipse Public License v2 (bug 553232 and bug 553230).

Code formatting and clean-up Launchbar and tools.templates has had a code clean-up. This involved reformatting all Java code with Eclipse's latest code formatter, fixing end of lines and enforcing code formatting with a new gerrit job and Save actions when editing code. See (bug 553233 and bug 553231).

Code Analysis

Float comparison

Added a new checker to verify direct float number comparison. See Bug 545704.

Functions/Methods blacklist

Added a new checker to verify the usage of not allowed methods and/or functions. See Bug 545954.

Variable initialization

Added a new checker to verify if variables are static in header file or if multiple declarations of variables are on the same line. See Bug 545977.

Return of local variables addresses

Added a new checker to verify if a method or function returns the address of a local variable. See Bug 546173.


New language settings provider: Compilation Database Parser

For managed build projects, it is now possible to specify the path to a compile_commands.json and reuses existing build output parsers (GCC, MSVC) to detect all the language entries for each file (macros, includes, etc). With this, there is no need to do a full build and in fact no need to have a working build configured in CDT for indexing to work and be fully configured. See Bug 548730.

Compilation Database Parser.png

Note that for CMake projects (Core build), compilation database parsing is already done automatically. The new parser aims to give more flexibility for other project types.


Debug Source Files view

A new view has been contributed to CDT Debug. The view displays graphically the equivalent information that that GDB command info sources displays. Open the view from Window -> Show View -> Debug Sources when you are in the Debug Perspective. The view queries GDB for all the sources GDB knows about and displays the information in a tree. The tree can be displayed in various ways, including flattening empty directories, and showing or not files not found on disk. In addition files can be double-clicked to open in the editor and there is a filter box to find files easily.

CDT infosourcesview.png

See bug 530443

API modifications

org.eclipse.cdt.ui.actions.DeleteResConfigsAction and ExcludeFromBuildAction

The classes DeleteResConfigsAction and ExcludeFromBuildAction have been removed since they have been unused and deprecated since CDT 8.0. Developers should use DeleteResConfigsHandler and ExcludeFromBuildHandler instead.

Bugs Fixed in this Release

See Bugzilla report Bugs Fixed in CDT 9.10

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