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CDT 8.8 will be released on September 25th, 2015 as part of the Eclipse Mars SR1 release. It requires platform 4.5 or newer.



When displaying search results in the Search View, for results inside a class method, the name of the class is now displayed in addition to the name of the method:

CDT SearchViewClassNames.png


User-defined literals

The parser now supports User-defined literals.



C/C++ Stand-alone Debugger package (RCP) for Windows

The C/C++ Stand-alone Debugger RCP is now available for Windows (previously Linux only). Once extracted, it can be started by simply launching the cdtdebug.exe executable. This new package can be downloaded from the CDT downloads page.

Create breakpoint from breakpoints view menu

Line breakpoints can now be created from the Breakpoints View menu.


Once triggered, the different properties of the breakpoint can be set. In this scenario, the file to which the breakpoint should apply can also be set; there are buttons to browse the Workspace, or the File System.


This feature was completed through Bug 464917.

This enhancement was completed through Bug 469763.

The "Find Replace" context menu option is now available from the Memory view and Memory Browser view

This will make the "Find / Replace" option more visible and accessible to users.


This enhancement was completed through Bug 473536.

The "Add Watchpoint (C/C++)" context menu option is now available from the Memory Browser view

This will make the "Add Watchpoint (C/C++)" option more visible and accessible to users of the memory browser view.


This enhancement was completed through Bug 474050.

More readable Disassembly view

The Disassembly view now better spaces the instructions, which makes them easier to read.

CDT MoreReadableDisassemblyView.png

This enhancement was a contribution from Jon Beniston through Bug 417895.

DSF-GDB service extensibility improvement

Each DSF-GDB service provided by CDT now has a top-level class GDB<service>_HEAD which can be found under


Extenders that want to focus on the latest GDB version are encouraged to subclass these new *_HEAD classes for their special needs. This will allow them to always extend the most recent version of the service. For example, if an extender chooses to use GDBRunControl_NS_HEAD, if GDBRunControl_7_9_NS is added to CDT, the GDBRunControl_NS_HEAD class will be changed in CDT to extend this new GDBRunControl_7_9_NS instead of the previous version, therefore automatically allowing extenders to be extending the new class.

Bugs Fixed in this Release

See Bugzilla report Bugs Fixed in CDT 8.8

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