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Filtering Read-Only References in Search View

A new filtering option was added in the Search View:

Hide read-only references.png

Include Guard Style

There is a new preference for the style of include guards.

Include guard style.png

Completion of Template Arguments

Auto completion of class template names now also adds angle brackets to the name an provides context information about the template's parameters.

Content assist with template arguments.png

Hints for template arguments.png

Default Arguments in Content Assist

When default arguments are available they are now displayed in the content assist.

Default arguments in content assist.png

If this behavior is not desired it can be disabled. Preferences -> C/C++ -> Editor -> Content Assist.

Default arguments settings.png


Labels as Values

CDT will now correctly parse and index code that use labels as values, a relatively common use of this is in jump tables.

CDT Labels as Values.png


Header File Rename

Renaming or moving a header file now updates include statements in other header and source files and include guards in the header file itself.

Header file rename.png


Cloning of Visualizer view

CDT now supports the cloning of Visualizer views. A clone button was added to the Visualizer, which permits creating new instances of the visualizer view. At the moment it can be used with the Multicore Visualizer filtering feature to have different MV views show strategic subsets of the current system being debugged. In the future, such cloning will be even more useful in conjunction with the upcoming pinning feature.

Here we show the Multicore Visualizer with its new "clone" button:


Here we have a MV that has been cloned twice:


Finally we have the same MV views as the previous screenshot, but with a bit of customization of the visualizers - Load meters were enabled on the MV on the left, and filtering was enabled on the two MVs on the right, to show subsets of the current threads


This feature was completed through Bug 436095.


CDT 8.5 requires JRE 1.7 or higher to run.

CDT 8.5 requires Eclipse 4.4 or higher to run.

Bugs Fixed in this Release

See Bugzilla report Bugs Fixed in CDT 8.5

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