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The Launch Group feature of CDT has been promoted to the Eclipse Platform in CDT 9.3/Eclipse 4.7 (Oxygen release). The version in CDT has been deprecated and will be removed in a future version (See Bug 517813).

The new Launch Group type can be identified by the CDT NEW93 Launch Group.png icon and the deprecated Launch Group has "(deprecated)" in its title.

See the news item in Eclipse Platform for more details of the newer version which also has some additional features.


If you have Launch Groups created with CDT they will continue to work with the CDT 9.3/Eclipse 4.7 (Oxygen release). It is advised to upgrade the launch groups to the new Platform version. The easiest way is to do so manually by re-creating a Launch Group CDT NEW93 Launch Group.png configuration.

However, if you have multiple Launch Group configurations or are otherwise inclined to modify the XML file of the launch file, this is a guide on what needs to be modified.

To migrate an existing Group Launch Configuration from CDT's deprecated format to the Platform format simply edit the .launch file and change the following things (with Eclipse not running).


 <launchConfiguration type="org.eclipse.cdt.launch.launchGroup">


 <launchConfiguration type="org.eclipse.debug.core.groups.GroupLaunchConfigurationType">

Change all the key prefixes from:




Change the attribute type for "[...].enabled" attributes from:




If your .launch file is not stored in your project, it can be found in workspace/.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.debug.core/.launches

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