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Note: The contents of this page is obsolete, but it may still contain some interesting tid-bits.

EDC - Eclipse Debugger for C/C++

EDC is a Complete Architecture for C/C++ Debugging in Eclipse/CDT

  • Leverages and connects existing Eclipse debug technology (Platform, CDT, DSF, TCF)
  • EDC doesn’t require a debug “back-end”
  • Completely asynchronous for best performance
  • Pervasive multi core/context/process support
  • Provides a collection of core debug services
  • Uses platform specific low level debug agents
  • Reference implementations for Windows and Linux
  • Implementation for Symbian OS is EPL at the Symbian Foundation

EDC arch.jpg

Getting Started with EDC

If you want to develop with EDC or just look at the sources you can start with:

Eclipse 3.6M6 for RCP/Plug-in Developers

EDC depends on plug-ins from the DSDP/TM/TCF project that are in Subversion, so next you should install the Subversion support from

Now you can import this team project set to get all of the projects you will need: Media:CDT_with_EDC.psf

If you are a CDT committer you can import this project set into a workspace that already contains the CDT plug-ins: Media:EDC_Committer.psf

A Brief Tour of EDC

Tour EDC Components

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