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CDT/Obsolete/Manual Testing

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This is the main page for manual testing effort in the CDT project. Ideally the manual testing effort should help verify that a given release or build meets a certain quality standard. However, the CDT project relies on volunteers to contribute their time to make the project what it is. This page is designed to coordinate the efforts of volunteer testers to achieve maximum coverage and to assess the test completeness.

Test Instructions

If you wish to contribute to the test effort, edit the sign-up page and add your name to the sign up section. Under your name copy and paste the features which you would like to test. To perform the test, follow the link from the feature to the component's page where you'll find the description of the feature, which may include:

  • feature's details,
  • a link to a new and noteworthy entry for the feature,
  • a link to the user manual entry for the feature.

The component's page may also describe specific procedures which can be used to test the component's feature. However, it is not required that the given test procedure be used to test the feature. Any open source or commercial product build using the component being tested can be used to verify it. Of course the product has to be built using the version of the component which is being tested.

Any issues found during testing should be reported in bugzilla (see CDT/Bugs for more information on CDT bug process).

As your testing progresses, please update your test entries with a completion status. This status can be expressed as: [complete], [complete: no bugs] or [complete: bug 123456, bug 123457] and it can be added next to your name to affect all tests, or next to individual tests for a more detailed status.

Testing Coordination

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