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Note: The contents of this page refer to planning documents of past Eclipse CDT releases. See CDT/planning for current information.

CDT 5.0

  • Finish end of June 08
  • Two month Feature Freeze to End Ramp Down
    • End of April
  • Line up with Ganymede milestones
    • +0 +1 +2
    • 1 week after the platform milestone
    • Start with M3 – Nov 7th.
  • Upgrade to Java VM 1.5
    • What to do with the generics warning when we do that

Plan Items. Note that until there are bugs in bugzilla for these with the appropriate milestone set these should be considered proposed.

  • EFS Support (Greg & Doug)
    • Get rid of NPEs
    • Fix up an Platform
  • Virtual EFS (Doug)
    • Visual Studio like Add File/Exclude File
  • Watchpoint Support (John)
  • Executables View (Ken)
  • Visual Studio Key Bindings (Ken)
  • CDT Debug UI agnostic of Debug Model (Pawel & Mikhail K)
  • Disassembly View/Editor (Mikhail K & Toni)
  • DSF Integration (Pawel)
  • Packaging (Doug)
    • Putting the gnu toolchain support in a separate feature
    • CDI in a separate feature
    • How to set up feature dependencies/composition
    • LPG source package
  • Autotools integration (Jeff)
    • Still to evaluate whether it makes sense in CDT or external
  • Mark Occurrences (Toni)
  • Macro Expansion Hover (Toni)
  • Outline View for Assembler (Toni)
  • Code Formatter (Toni) - maybe
  • Code Completion (Markus)
    • Includes
    • Proposal Elevance
    • Honor visibility
    • STL Templates
  • Code Templates (Markus)
    • New Class Wizard
    • Others
  • Structure Compare move to DOM parser (Markus)
    • Remove old parser
  • Macro Expansion View (Markus)
  • Open Element (Markus)
    • Add Macros
    • Working Set Support – maybe
  • Type Hierarchy (Markus)
    • Show Visibility – maybe
  • Call Hierarchy (Markus)
    • Show polymorphic method calls
    • Show read/write access
  • Split DOMScanner into Lexer and Preprocessor (Markus)
  • AST Location rework (Markus)
  • Indexer Improvements (Markus)
    • Strings compression
    • Proper handling of C Linkage
    • Namespace composition
    • Improve incremental re-index calculation heuristics
    • Decorator to show indexed files – maybe
  • xlC Compiler support for scanner discovery (Chris)
  • Remote indexing/remote services (Chris)
    • Remote standard make
  • Scalability (Chris)
    • Large number of projects, files, LOC
    • Disable features for large stuff
    • Scope features to smaller areas
    • Optimizing to parsing/indexing
  • Parsers (Chris)
    • Gnu C Parser on top of C99
    • ISO C++ Parser, GNU C++ Parser
  • Class Browser View (Chris)
  • Refactoring (hsr - Chris)
  • Multi-config edit (Mikhail S)
  • CHelpProvider using XML based contributions (Mikhail S)
  • MBS UI enhancements (Mikhail S)
  • Toolchain modification enhancements (Mikhail S)
  • Toolchain information in the CModel (Doug & Mikhail S)
  • Scanner discovery (Doug & Mikhail S & Chris)
  • API Management (Doug)
    • Process
    • Making internal – internal
  • Bugzilla backlog (Doug)
    • Components

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