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Note: Some of the contents of this page are out of date, however it serves a useful reference with pointers for the CDT Managed Build System (MBS).

How a tool-chain integrator integrates into the MBS is documented in the CDT Plug-in Developer Guide > Programmer's Guide > Managed Build System Extensibility Document (see online here).

The Design document for the MBS in CDT 2.0, CDT 3.0 and CDT 4.0 is contained in That bugzilla also contains an attachment,, that describes the items from the design document that have not yet been implemented.

Also Multi Version toolchain support design document attached here

Project Templates: CDT Plug-in Developer Guide > Programmer's Guide > Project Template Engine The following documents can be found in CDT Plug-in Developer Guide:

Useful collection of design documents is concentrated in Bug report #115935:

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