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Note: The contents of this page refer to planning documents of past Eclipse CDT releases. See CDT/planning for current information.

Email discussions (February 2010) about the CDT's default debugger integration has led to the fact that it would be nice to switch the default to DSF-GDB for Helios, but that we need to get closer to feature-parity with CDI-GDB.

We also agree that new debugging features are not going to be done for CDI, so it would be good to start building momentum for DSF-GDB so as to get more contributions and get the whole CDT debugging to continue getting more new features. This will also benefit any DSF-based integration as DSF will be given more attention.

A list of DSF-GDB features can be found here.

So, we are attempting to resolve the feature-parity bugs tagged [cdi]. This page documents which bugs are still open and which ones have been fixed.

Total list of bugs for feature-parity

List of bugs with [cdi] tag that are still open is here A (hopefully up-to-date) list is shown here for convenience.

  1. Bug 308385 [bp] [cdi] Breakpoints created via the GDB console are not recognized in Eclipse
  2. Bug 309704 [bkpt][cdi] DSF-GDB lacks ability to stop on load library events
  3. Bug 305385 [debug view][cdi] The pid of the inferior is not set pre-GDB 7.0
  4. Bug 306011 [debug view][wp][cdi] Debug view should show old/new value when wp is hit
  5. Bug 207582 [variables][expressions][cdi] In views, chirldren of arrays should be grouped when more than 100
  6. Bug 219040 [variables][cdi] Variables view should show globals (or should it?)
  7. Bug 269101 [variables][cdi] In no-columns mode, it's impossible to change the a variable's value.
  8. Bug 159958 [symbols][cdi] Integrate symbols service with CDT modules view.
  9. Bug 231883 [console][cdi] Inferior does not print to console when a PTY is not available
  10. Bug 313767 [cdi][memory] restoring memory monitor from previous session fails
  11. Bug 310518 [debug view][run control][stack][cdi] When stepping over a long running function stack trace is not shown.
  12. Bug 267209 [launch][cdi] Refresh project when launch process terminates
  13. Bug 271795 [debug view] [cdi] Inferior should be visible, and shown terminated in post mortem launch
  14. Bug 293832 [variables][cdi] wrong display of variable values with GDB DSF
  15. Bug 298336 [expressions] [cdi] Expression view flickers when switching between stack frames
  16. Bug 249220 [signals][cdi] Add support for the Signals view.
  17. Bug 235747 [registers][cdi] Allow user to edit the register groups.
  18. Bug 324300 [breakpoints][cdi] Markers are not updated for pending breakpoints that become active
  19. Bug 323748 [breakpoints][cdi] Breakpoints in dlls are ignored for GDB older than 6.8
  20. Bug 323267 [breakpoints][cdi] Filter properties not available accessible in Breakpoint Properties Dialog

Bugs that have been completed for CDT 7.0

  1. Bug 159955 [source lookup][cdi] nice "source not found" editor
  2. Bug 202346 [launch][cdi] Implement launch for post-mortem/core debugging.
  3. Bug 202353 [launch][cdi] Add support for options in CDT "debugger" tab.
  4. Bug 233230 [run control][cdi] Run to Line action should be supported
  5. Bug 249227 [console][cdi] Add support for "verbose" tracing of MI commands in console
  6. Bug 282924 [breakpoints][cdi] Breakpoint install marker not handled properly for multiple launches
  7. Bug 302629 [breakpoints][cdi] Add support for filtering of breakpoints based on selected debug target in DSF-GDB debugger
  8. Bug 302324 [disassembly][runcontrol][cdi] RunToLine operation is not supported in DSF Disassembly view
  9. Bug 249162 [run control][cdi] Add support for "Set PC to here" operation.
  10. Bug 249165 [run control][cdi] Add support for "Resume at Line" action
  11. Bug 274951 [cdi] Add Watch action to C/C++ Editor
  12. Bug 300096 [expressions][run control][cdi] "DSF is missing certain debug actions from editor's context menu"
  13. Bug 249169 [detail][cdi] Add support for alternative expression evaluation in detail pane.
  14. Bug 275238 [debugger][cdi] Pretty print stl gdb and eclipse cdt don't play well
  15. Bug 202354 [launch][cdi] Support Environment tab in local launch
  16. Bug 248606 [menu][breakpoints][cdi] Add support for toggling watchpoints in the variables and expressions views.
  17. Bug 242943 [breakpoints] [cdi] While GDB is running, we cannot make breakpoint commands
  18. Bug 280607 [debug view][commands] CLIInfoThreadsInfo parsing tied to LWP
  19. Bug 302597 [console][commands][cdi] Handle missing stopped event should be handled better
  20. Bug 225996 [run control][debug view][cdi] Threads are listed in reverse order.
  21. Bug 219202 [variables][cdi] Variables view should use icons to represent types.
  22. Bug 304588 [variables][cdi] Expression service returns wrong number of children for complex structures
  23. Bug 249223 [signals][cdi] Add support for "Resume without signal" action.
  24. Bug 285907 [launch] Should GdbLaunchDelegate use AbstractCLaunchDelegate?
  25. Bug 248593 [launch][cdi] Add a JTAG-specific launch.
  26. Bug 248587 [breakpoints][cdi] Support "Event' Breakpoints.
  27. Bug 307614 [variables] Variable view may not show local variables with gdb 7.x
  28. Bug 308540 [expressions][update policy][cdi] Disabled expressions are still evaluated
  29. Bug 269927 [console] [cdi] Allow to save console to a file
  30. Bug 248610 [menu][memory][cdi] Add a menu action to open memory view for a given variable.
  31. Bug 223154 [console] Application writing a lot to the output deadlock.
  32. Bug 308091 [debug view][cdi] Show address in the stack frame's label
  33. Bug 274872 [source lookup] Repeated '<unknow>' editor
  34. Bug 234426 [source lookup] If a stack frame with no source is selected, an empty editor showing "Debug" in title is brought up.
  35. Bug 248627 [debug view] [cdi] Add an option to show full paths for the stack frame source location.
  36. Bug 280631 [debug view] Thread list in Debug view not updated with non-Linux target
  37. Bug 309234 [debug view][cdi] DSF not as helpful as CDI on SEGV
  38. Bug 311118 [launch][cdi] Attach does not work with MinGW gdb 7.0
  39. Bug 264895 [console][cdi] Visible console should match debug selection
  40. Bug 250834 [number format detail] IllegalMonitorStateException in the number format detail pane
  41. Bug 256311 [number format detail] IllegalMonitorStateException seen occasionally
  42. Bug 306555 [variables][expressions][cdi]Add support for cast to type / view as array (IExpressions2)
  43. Bug 281970 [launch] DSF launcher configurations mess up run mode launching
  44. Bug 304096 [run control][cdi] Interrupting a Windows target does not always work
  45. Bug 310129 [cdi] GDB (DSF) Hardware Debugging Launcher ignores startup initialization commands
  46. Bug 310304 [cdi] GDB (DSF) Hardware Debugging Launcher ignores application program path
  47. Bug 309032 [mem][cdi] Need APIs to support memory pages (or memory spaces)
  48. Bug 302628 [breakpoints][cdi] Implement linking of active debug context with selection in Breakpoints view.
  49. Bug 308835 Multi-thread debugging in regular stop-mode with gdb 6.8 is not working
  50. Bug 310274 [cdi] GDB (DSF) ignores interrupted remote debug session

Bugs that have been completed for CDT 8.0

  1. Bug 248595 [breakpoints][cdi] - Add support pending breakpoints introduced in GDB 6.8.

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