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Note: The contents of this page refer to planning documents of past Eclipse CDT releases. See CDT/planning for current information.

This page describes Ericsson's involvement in the C/C++ Development Toolkit (CDT) as well as the GNU Debugger (GDB) for the year 2013. Ericsson's involvement has multiple facets:

  1. New features are developed directly by Ericsson's employees
  2. New features are contributed by other companies with the help of committers working for Ericsson
  3. New features are implemented by companies sponsored by Ericsson

Below is a list of features implemented by Ericsson or with Ericsson's help or sponsorship in 2013.


Debugging multiple processes within one debug session

Debugging a new executable in the same debug session has been improved for GDB versions starting from 7.2. "Debug New Executable" action has been added to the context menu of the Debug view.

CDT DebugNewExecutableMenu.png

The dialog for specifying an executable to debug for local sessions has been changed.

CDT NewExecutableDialog Local.png

The ability to debug a remote executable using gdbserver has been added.

CDT NewExecutableDialog Remote.png

Enhanced GDB console support

CDT is being improved to update its views with any change made to GDB by the user from the GDB console. Updates are being added gradually and the final goal is to allow the user to perform any command from the GDB console, and have CDT stay synchronized with the changes.

Memory and variables

Memory and variables modified from the GDB console are now updated in the Memory, Memory Browser, Variables and Expressions views. This feature requires GDB 7.6 or higher.

Reverse debugging state

CDT will now properly update the status of reverse debugging if its state is modified through the GDB console. This feature requires GDB 7.6 or higher.

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