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CBI/November15 2012



  • November 15, 2012, 9am EST
  • Eclipse Conference facility


Andrew R., Thanh H, Paul W., Jan S., Tobias O.

The Plan

  • December 1st, all gating bugs solved for the Eclipse Platform CBI build for Juno.
  • December 7th, finish the merge to Kepler
  • December 14th, deadline for Kepler M4

(gating == must have in order for the platform team to switch to the CBI build for Juno SR2)


Bug 385410 - Build documentation using tycho

Related bugs: Bug 390982 (patches), Bug 393686 (Tycho) We have patches which build the documentation but there's an issue discussed in Bug 393686 which causes us to have to run the build twice in order to get the docs built. We need to be able to build the docs on the first run.

Plan: Tobias will work on it with Jan. They have some ideas of how to approach & solve and don't expect too much trouble.

Bug 390119 - branding plugins buildId aren't updated

Related bugs: Bug 362252 (Tycho) Seems there's a path forward for this if we use the maven-resources-plugin to filter the buildId however Bug 362252 discusses an issue that prevents Tycho from picking up the updated about.mappings file.

Plan: We'll use Thanh's work around patch. A more general fix will take time.

Bug 390721 - The product IU qualifier is not updated

Related bugs: Bug 392716 (Tycho)

Plan: Tobias offered a work around. Thanh will take on doing the Tycho fix with guidance from Tobias. Less pressure since the work around is available.

Bug 394216 - o.e.equinox.executables IUs must be in build repo

Plan: Thanh is working on this.

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