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CBI/May29 2012



  • May 29, 2012, 10am EST
  • Eclipse Conference facility


Igor F., Thanh H, Denis R, Paul W., Andrew R.


Here are the key things people are working on:

  • This week: qualifiers (Igor Federenko), rebase (Thanh Ha)
  • Next week: SWT & Equinox launchers (Krzysztof Daniel <= see his email to the list & bug raised)
  • After that: IUs & Test results
  • Once Juno ships: Non-pom changes.

1) Eclipse platform status

  • Commit of pom files upstream, looks just about done. <= confirmed.
  • Looks like a few pom updates are needed to align with version changes that took place post M7. <= Thanh working on this. Few tweaks.
  • Non-pom updates... is anyone reviewing/cherry picking desirable updates? <= Quick review took place but decided to leave these out to be cautious since we're at RC3. Igor mentioned he answered all questions about code changes. Discussion will be in the bugs. Igor commented that the platform team being proactive about engaging on contributions.
  • Next steps to adjust the Aggregator git repository to build using upstream <= Thanh's working on this right now.
  • When can we remove the forked repositories (376038) & ?
  • Signing changes committed 2 weeks ago. Needs to run on Should be able to run from home directory. Thanh will re-test after rebasing the cbi repositories.
  • Qualifier related bugs (370707, 367581) <= 2 pieces of functionality. a) Generation of build qualifier from last commit timestamp, which is implemented. Changes being reviewed by other Tycho developers. Expected to be merged into Tycho later this week. Approach is to use git commit timestamps. b) Compare build results with previous builds/some baseline, and if the feature is the same as baseline feature then use the older version. If there are changes, then generate a warning & fail the build. If they are different, use the new version. Changes expected in Tycho 0.16.
  • SWT (377115, 378232) & Equinox (370704, 378233) launchers. Also 374378 <= See
  • Next steps to push towards IU (377190, 378234, 76583) & test (377410) result alignment

Additional discussion

  • Paul, can I build just a given bundle? Igor: Once you build everything first to populate your repository, you can then just build the projects you are interested in changing.
  • Paul, can I point at an i-build repository and skip building everything first? Igor: It should be able to build any project at any level, but haven't tried it recently.
  • Paul: Include things from Eclipse builder. Product files and p2.inf's. 376586

2) WTP status

  • Update from Thanh... he's been chipping away at a Tycho build for WTP in his spare time.
    • Reactor summary hints at 1/5th building successfully when Thanh ran into an issue, posted to wtp-releng & cbi-dev

3) Looking forward

  • Code sprint date for July. Set a date.

4) CBI talks @ EclipseCon Europe (raised by Igor)

  • SAP developers might do a generic tycho tutorial
  • Might make sense to cover Eclipse specific details., signing, etc. etc.

5) PDE API analysis - CBI 1.0 or 2.0? (raised by Igor)

  • Andrew: 1.0
  • Paul: a) signatures need to be collected during build to create database b) validate

We'll need to revisit this.

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