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CBI/June26 2012



  • June 26, 2012, 10am EST
  • Eclipse Conference facility


Andrew R., Igor F., Thanh H, Paul W., Krzysztof D., Carl A.


1) Qualifiers work update - Igor F.

  • Work is complete, waiting on CQ 6591

2) IU/Test update - Thanh H.

  • some empty source bundles. need to be cleaned up upstream. vs. feature.xml <= Igor will look at to consider if Tycho could build.
  • Some third party bundle differences.
  • NPE's to jar files it couldn't find. Need a platform team member to help tell us where they need to be & why.

3) SWT & Equinox launchers - Krzysztof D.

  • Expected tomorrow fully working build with latest tycho snapshot.
  • Thanh will revert temporary commenting out since issue with tycho 0.16 snapshot has been resolved
  • Need to test on MacOS & Windows to see if natives work. (Thanh H.)

4) WTP - Carl A.

  • Working on git migration
  • We'll get back to tycho build for WTP once platform is done

5) Platform monolith discussion - Andrew R.

  • Igor noted on the mailing list that a monolithic build diminishes the value of CBI for the platform
  • Andrew suggested it's highly unlikely the platform will be re-organized. Too big, too risky, and little concrete business value.
  • Andrew suggested it may be possible to have Tycho do build avoidance by pulling pre-built bundles from a repository. Thus making it possible to skip over components you don't want to build.
  • Igor noted the circular dependencies were nasty, and the tests run against the monolith rather than just a component. As a result, this may not always be much help.
  • Andrew noted the build is 11 minutes to build the entire monolith on his machine, so perhaps not so bad.
  • Igor agreed these options may help.

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