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CBI/June12 2012



  • June 12, 2012, 10am EST
  • Eclipse Conference facility


Igor F., Thanh H, Paul W.


Here are the key things people are working on:

  • This week: qualifiers (Igor Federenko), rebase (Thanh Ha), binary compare (Thanh Ha), SWT & Equinox launchers (Krzysztof Daniel <= see his email to the list & bug raised)
  • After that: IUs & Test results
  • Once Juno ships: Non-pom changes.

1) Qualifiers work update

  • About 2 more weeks of work
  • Uses older version if there's 2 identical versions
  • Bugs 370707 & 367581

2) IU/Test update & fixing the issue blocking rcp

  • Successfully built rcp.config by commenting out root files from
  • Tycho currently does not support root files with relative file paths, upstream needs to rework this to work with Tycho
  • Paul posted code to run a binary compare of the produced jar files, Thanh to test this
  • UI Bugs 377190 & 378234 & 376583, Tests Bug 377410

3) SWT & Equinox launchers

  • Krzysztof has been making progress on this end with patches to support for Windows, MacOS and Linux posted
  • This path only supports building for 1 system at a time, platform needs to be able to build for all systems in the same build
  • Bugs 372794 & 381192

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