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CBI/Eclipse Platform Build Roadmap


It is our intent to help the Eclipse platform project move to use the CBI build in time for Juno. The following is the roadmap for this transition.

Shadow the PDE build

During the time period from Juno M4 (Dec.16/2012) and SR0(Jun.27/2012), the CBI build of the Eclipse Platform will shadow the PDE build. This time will be used for testing and developing any necessary components necessary to ensure that the CBI built Eclipse platform load is the same as the PDE built one with reasonable confidence.

Key Issues

Please see the minutes of our November 15, 2012 discussion.

Code sprint #1

A code sprint will take place in April 11 & 12, 2012.

Code sprint #2

A second code sprint took place September 12th to 21st @ IBM's offices in Ottawa, Canada. This sprint focused on tasks needed for the Eclipse platform team to cut over to CBI.


Our goal was for a release candidates for Juno SR1 to be based on the CBI-built Eclipse platform with the intent of SR1 itself (Sept.28,2012) being released based on the CBI-built platform. This turned out to be infeasible due to vacations and competing priorities.

The new plan is for SR2 (Feb. 2013) to be based on the CBI-built platform. The plan for cutover was discussed at the November 15, 2012 meeting.

The CBI built platform will use the same qualifiers that the PDE build used in order ensure the change is transparent as possible.

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