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CBI/Code Sprint April 11 2012


Code Sprint


  • When:
    • April 11th - 10am to 4:30pm, followed by victory beer and munchies
    • April 12th - 10am to 3:00pm
  • Where: Location Eclipse Foundation Boardroom, 102 Centrepointe Drive, 2nd floor, Ottawa, Ontario
  • Who: See below for a list of bugs and who plans to work on them
  • Why: Code for beer, food, and eternal glory

This code sprint is aimed at completing tasks related to the roadmap for the Eclipse Platform CBI build.


The following people participated:

  • Paul Webster (part)
  • Thanh Ha
  • Denis Roy
  • Igor Federenko
  • Andrew Ross



  • 10:00 - Very short planning stand-up
  • 12:00 - Lunch
  • 16:30 - Victory beer & munchies


  • 10:00 - Very short planning stand-up
  • 12:00 - Lunch
  • 13:00 - Wrap up
  • 15:00 - Done


You'll need the following to fully participate:

  • A laptop running your OS of choice. Linux tends to be particularly well suited for this.
  • A working clone of the CBI eclipse platform build. This will pull in required 3rd party automatically.

Target Bugs

The following are the list of bugs we're targeting:

Group 1

  • Bug 375575 - automated tests with 3.x branch fail to start - Paul Webster, Thanh Ha

Progress: Significant progress made => tests debugged & fixes submitted. Successfully ran some tests on Paul's system. Thanh reproducing on his. Ticket will reflect the current status.

  • Bug 369002 - Isolate CBI platform build from uncontrolled software sources - Andrew Ross

Progress: Executed some experiments with Nexus & detailed discussions with Igor & the team. The next step is to document the use cases and requirements not served today and review a strawman proposal.

  • Bug 369798 - Add signing capability to the CBI build for the eclipse platform - Igor Federenko, Denis Roy

Progress: Fantastic progress made here. Denis has created a web service based signing mechanism. This allows on-demand signing rather than queue based.The difference is time. This mechanism is expected to make an order of magnitude difference in terms of the time spend signing the eclipse platform. It also fits with Maven/Tycho's model for building then signing artefacts.

Group 2

  • Bug 370707 - reproducible build version qualifiers - Paul Webster, Igor Federenko, Thanh Ha
  • Bug 367581 - do not generate new version qualifier unless there are actual code changes - Paul Webster, Igor Federenko, Thanh Ha

Progress: More discussion about qualifiers. Still thinking about this.

Group 3

  • Bug 372794 - CBI build of platform native SWT code

This one we'll defer until later.

  • Bug 370704 - equinox launchers build - Igor Federenko

This one is blocked. We need the go-ahead to restructure the repositories to resolve.

Please see Bug 372792 - Status of CBI build for Eclipse Platform for an aggregate of the status of all known issues. Pick one if you'd like to join us.

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