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Build the Eclipse RCP selector package


Configure the Eclipse Workspace

Select: "Window > Preferences... > Java > Compiler" from the Eclipse menu

  1. In the "JDK Compliance > Compiler compliance level" section
    • set to 1.4
    • The main GUI
  2. In the "Installed JREs" section:
    • select a 1.5.x (e.g. 1.5.0_06) JRE.
    • Note: Do not use 1.4.x; 1.5.x has important bug fixes. Do not use 1.6.X as you will get build errors
    • The main GUI
  3. Also, if you use SUN JDK 1.5.*, you need to download the unlimited strength jurisdiction policy files from (The first item in the "Other download")

Populate the Eclipse Workspace

Check out the following Higgins projects from the SVN at

  1. Application Layer
    1. org.eclipse.higgins.crpps
    2. org.eclipse.higgins.crpps.feature
  2. Configuration
    1. org.eclipse.higgins.configuration.api
    2. org.eclipse.higgins.configuration.common
    3. org.eclipse.higgins.configuration.xml
    4. org.eclipse.higgins.configuration.xrds
  3. ICard and selector service
    1. org.eclipse.higgins.iss
    2. org.eclipse.higgins.iss.cardspace
    3. org.eclipse.higgins.icard
    4. org.eclipse.higgins.icard.common
    5. org.eclipse.higgins.icard.registry
    6. org.eclipse.higgins.icard.provider.cardspace.common
    7. org.eclipse.higgins.icard.provider.securestorage
  4. IdAS
    1. org.eclipse.higgins.idas.api
    2. org.eclipse.higgins.idas.spi
    3. org.eclipse.higgins.idas.common
    4. org.eclipse.higgins.idas.registry
  5. STS
    1. org.eclipse.higgins.sts.api
    2. org.eclipse.higgins.sts.spi
    3. org.eclipse.higgins.sts.xmlsecurity.apache
    4. org.eclipse.higgins.sts.base64.apache
    5. org.eclipse.higgins.sts.binding.axis1x.client
    6. org.eclipse.higgins.sts.binding.axis1x.common
    7. org.eclipse.higgins.sts.client
    8. org.eclipse.higgins.sts.common
    9. org.eclipse.higgins.sts.server.mapper.appliesto
    10. org.eclipse.higgins.sts.server.mapper.extension
    11. org.eclipse.higgins.sts.server.mapper.polling
    12. org.eclipse.higgins.sts.server.metadata
    13. org.eclipse.higgins.sts.server.token.alf
    14. org.eclipse.higgins.sts.server.token.compound
    15. org.eclipse.higgins.sts.server.token.encrypt
    16. org.eclipse.higgins.sts.server.token.handler
    17. org.eclipse.higgins.sts.server.token.identity
    18. org.eclipse.higgins.sts.server.token.saml
    19. org.eclipse.higgins.sts.server.token.self
  6. Misc and Utils
    1. org.eclipse.higgins.dependencies.redistributable
    2. org.eclipse.higgins.message
    3. org.eclipse.higgins.registry
    4. org.eclipse.higgins.util.jscript

You can use the B-1-0-0 variant here: Eclipse RCP Selector Package psf to checkout all the above projects.

Export Product

  1. Select "org.eclipse.higgins.crpps.feature" in the project navigator
  2. Open the "higgins.product" in the product editor (by double clicking on it)
    • In the "launcher" page, you can define the launcher program, and the JRE you would like to pack with the program.
    • The launcher page
  3. Click the "Eclipse Product export wizard" link

Eclipse will automatically build all of the project for you, and export a complete Eclipse RCP program.


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