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Build Workshop 4: Code's Free So Build Hard

Having a common build infrastructure at is important and we're taking steps to get there.

First came the Europa Build Workshop in Sept. 2006. Then came the Ottawa sessions in June and October 2008. Yippee Ki Yay - Hudson 3:16 [1].


February 17-20, 2009

Proposed Schedule

  • Feb 17 10am. BW4 begins. Discuss requirements, ideas, plans, limitations, etc.
  • Feb 18-20. Work. Work. And More Work.


The event will be held at the Red Hat Toronto Office, 2323 Yonge St., Suite 300, Toronto, Ontario.


  1. To review the Project Plan and decide its feasibility
  2. To assess Hudson as a viable tool for managing builds; to possibly consider alternatives, though a bird in the hard...
  3. To close numerous open Athena bugs
  4. To add a third build to the list of viable builds that Athena can handle (currently GEF and Linux Tools)
  5. To improve the current situation for building locally; to explore building on platforms other than Linux, including building within Eclipse itself (pure Ant, without shell support)

As with the previous Build Workshop, the real goal is to get some concrete work done. That may include building another Tools project, such as VE (which hasn't had formal releases in years due to a shortage of devs (but no shortage of community interest)).

How to register

Like its predecessors, this will be an informal event, but we'd like to know who's interested in attending. Please sign below with Name & Role and/or Responsibility, and how you can attend.

Also, please ensure you're subscribed to the following mailing lists:

In Person

  • Nick Boldt, JBoss, a division of Red Hat, Modeling & Dash Athena Project Release Engineer, co-organizer
  • Andrew Overholt, Red Hat, Linux Tools, co-organizer
  • Bjorn Freeman-Benson, Eclipse Foundation, Technology PMC & Dash Project Lead (among other titles!), co-organizer

Remote Access

If the demand is there, we will chat in #bw4 on freenode (IRC). Come find us in #eclipse-dev and we'll pop into the separate dedicated channel.


Like any good EclipseCON tutorial, the workshop will start with talk, then move into actual hands-on coding. No more than half a day should be spent on discussion!

Delegation of Tasks

Assuming that our intent is to continue from the June & October workshops, here are a number of tasks that can be delegated to others so that we don't spend most of the time "watching others code."

  • [Ant, shell] Port more shell scripts to Ant or write custom tasks so that more can be done outside of Linux (ultimate goal: run from Eclipse or commandline)
  • [Ant, .releng] port Tools-PDT build to Dash CBI system
  • [Ant, .releng] create Dash builder for VE
  • [shell, crontab, PHP? JS? HTML?] port new features in Modeling build to Dash CBI build (eg., cvs tag & release & build integration); polish integration by adding web UI?
  • Or, test CVS/SVN watching & tagging after successful builds within Hudson
  • [Ant, .releng] change build process to use PDE Packager instead of custom ant script for SDK/runtime/examples zip assembly (after Master is built & signed)
  • [PHP] refactor build UI to be less project-with-one-or-more-components oriented
  • [PHP, mysql?] refactor web UI to use fewer project/component/path variables: instead of "/gef", "gef", and "/tools/gef" (contrast with "/modeling/emf", "cdo", "/modeling/emf/cdo"), use an object which can be queried for all the various required string forms, labels, names & paths. Use Foundation/Portal project definition as key ("modeling.emf.cdo" or "tools.gef")?
  • Explore setting up as a Hudson build slave in order to give more bandwidth for running builds


We intend come away with a working system that can be community tested and blogger approved [2].

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