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Build Workshop 3: Build Hard With A Purpose/Requirements


  • [x] - available in Dash or Modeling build already in some form
  • [M?] - tentatively slated for a given milestone
  • [] - not schedule / TBD


  • To be added to Bugzilla (cc:
  • [x] support CVS
  • [x] web UI
  • [x] crontab scheduling: N schedule, I schedule
  • [x] cvs listening: tag sources & update map(s) then release changes then build automatically
  • [x] build from tag
  • [x] build from map
  • [x] running JUnits: one machine only, with UI testing
  • [x] signing, packing, p2 metadata
  • [x] build from pre-checked-out sources on disk
     baselocation - dropins, binaries
     builddirectory - sources
     pluginPath - more sources
  • [M1] set policy for use of SDK when building; default to milestones; optionally build from I

bug 251917

  • [M1] put class libraries from Java 1.0 - 7.0, CDC, Foundation, ... on

bug 251918

  • [M1] minimal duplication of build metadata: collapse .releng into 1 file w/ generic buildAll.xml & preset defaults properties file (overridden by user via web UI or

bug 251919

 featureID to build --
 dependencies - add to packager map file (  see: pde_packager.htm)
 map(s) [with cvs location & branch] or prechecked sources
 rewrite buildAll.xml & customTargets.xml to use 3.4 standards (less code)
 portal would include a field to point to /path/in/cvs/ for .releng project (includes .properties, buildExtra.xml, .product, ...)
 packing excludes
  • [] use SDK 3.5M3 instead of basebuilder RC2_34 bug 251924
  • [] better crontab UI: cruise control? 251923
  • [] build from HEAD -- use fetchTag=HEAD, forceContextQualifier=${buildID} bug 251926
  • [] zips of sources + .releng project used for building: for Linux distros and Legal codescan purposes bug 251928
  • [Enh] running JUnits on a remote machine / alternative platforms bug 251933
  • [] Provide a p2 repo after the master feature is built so the subsequent step is to use the p2 director to provision installs (build zips). bug 249406
  • [M8] run w/ head in workspace (build locally) bug 252028
  • [M8] standalone buildserver-in-a-box (vmware/vbox/qemu/kvm) bug 252030
  • [M9] produce for each build, then centralize those for reuse by other projects? bug 252031

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