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Build Workshop 3: Build Hard With A Purpose/Announcements/2008-11-19


It's been about a month since the last Build Workshop [0], so I thought it was time to update people on where we're at with the development effort.


Last week Andrew O and I assigned some priorities to bugs and set them to milestone dates. Bear in mind these are tentative, DRAFT dates, but should hopefully give a sense for where the project is going and how we intend to focus our efforts. If you see something assigned to a low priority or distant milestone and would like it done sooner, we welcome contributions and will help you set up a dev environment where you can work on creating a patch and building locally.

Because we intend to be an agile team, we will respond to reprioritization requests via bugzilla.

The draft plan is here [1].


For the latest new development, watch Bugzilla [2, 3], the project plan [1], or this status report document [4].

EclipseCON '09

Andrew O and I have submitted a workshop [5] and two talks [6, 7] for EclipseCON '09 in the Emerging Tech track. If you'd like to participate as a speaker, assistant, tester, or whatever, please don't hesitate to let us know. Assuming all three get accepted, we'll need to create workshop content including courseware (plugins w/ cheatsheets and instructions), a demo, a live boot CD, and configure a build server... plus slides!

I'm also thinking of running a BoF, if there's community interest.

Early Adopters

There's been a number of projects (linuxtools, e4, Nebula) eager to try out the Athena builder (aka the Common Builder, aka the CBI), and we're grateful for the interest and the beta-testing. Some issues have already been aired and cleared as a result of people hitting use cases we'd not previously considered.

Thanks for the help -- more beta testers are of course welcome, but please remember that it's still very early in the development cycle and there's a lot still to be done.










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