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Build Enhancements


Nightly Builds

  • Add "build" links\icons on Components page that allows authorized individuals to kick off a build of desired components. [Tom]
  • No regeneration of build.xml after changing a project's dependencies. [Jim]
    • Each project's build should ideally do whatever it takes to work before and after changes to that project's dependency list.
  • Dependencies are versioned. [Jim]
    • We should be able at worst to cause a build to use a specified CVS tag for all dependencies, and ideally, we should be able to specify a cvs tag for each dependency.
  • Single place for dependencies. [Jim]
    • Right now, we've decided to list them in Because this file doesn't allow us to control its contents, we're restricted from doing things like #2 above. Moreover, it sounds like must also in some cases be updated with dependencies when there's a need to differentiate between build libs and runtime libs. I think we should be updating our own dependencies.xml file, and that should be used to auto-gen, or update the as appropriate.
  • Any automated process should mirror manual processes. [Jim]
    • If I pull down a project into a fresh work area and run it's build (which automates the process of gathering dependencies), the result should look the same as if I had manually gathered all those dependencies. Also, the fetched dependencies should remain in place and be usable at a later time.

Eclipse Developer Builds

  • Configure target in build.xml that would fetch the dependencies for a project. For any given component:
    • Pull down dependencies and build in IDE (recursively).
    • Pull in all required 3rd party unapproved libs [Alexandra]

Non-Eclipse Developer Builds

  • tbd others...

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