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Link to document on TPTP (this is not part of the template): [1]

TPTP feature: 148042

Author: Matt Mings
email: [2]
Last updated:

Rough workload estimate for design/code/test in person weeks:

Total 4.5

Rough workload estimate for doc in person days: 3.0

Rough workload estimate for build and infrastructure in person days: 1.0

Requirement summary

Auto discovery of JMX Agents

The auto discovery service enables you to discover JMX agents running on the profiled box. A discovery client would send out requests to find the JMX agents, and those agents who have registered a discovery responder MBean will respond. Once the agents are discovered, user can use the Managed Agent Explorer for viewing and examining mbeans. The agents that are configured to be discovered must have an active DiscoveryResponder registered in their MBean server.
The auto discovery service must do the following items:

  • Discovery Service enables to discover Java Dynamic Management Agents in a network
  • An agent must have implemented a discovery responder in its MBean server
  • The Discovery Service also allows version information and the communication MBeans registered

User interactions

User interface


Extension points

Code interfaces

This enhancement will be packaged in the following plug-ins:

  • org.eclipse.tptp.monitoring.instrumentation.ui

Design summary

The combination of these functionalities allows interested applications to establish a list of active agents. In addition to knowing about the existence of an agent, the discovery service provides the version information from an MBean server's delegate and the list of communication MBeans that are currently registered. The instrumented application containing the discovery client can initiate a search at any time. For example, it might do a search when it is first launched, and search again periodically for information about the discovery responder which may have changed. For each search, the discovery client broadcasts a request and waits for return information from any responders.

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