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Bugzilla Query (Provisioning)

Provisioning Bugzilla Query

This page provides a bugzilla query for all provisioning related bugs for all projects. The goal is to enable tracking of detailed development across projects. Over time this page will be updated to include more projects.

The queries are showing bugs from these projects:

  • Equinox - NEW, ASSIGNED, REOPENED bugs containing [prov] in their summary

Adding your project to the query

  1. Mark your bugs. Consider marking provisioning related bugs by using a special string in their summary. Using the string "[prov]" is recommended, since it will make it easy to your project to the queries.
  2. Update the query. The following instructions explain how to do it. Alternatively, send an email to the provisioning mailing list ( and I (Elias) help you with it.
    1. Click on the link "View list of provisioning related bugs". The query results should be shown.
    2. Click on "Edit Search" at the bottom of the results page. You should see the query details.
    3. I'm assuming you use the String "[prov]". Being careful not to deselect existing projects, CTRL+Click on your project, which should be shown in the Product table. Then click "Search" to view the results of the query.
    4. If satisfied with the query, copy the URL from your browser and update the corresponding link on this page.
    5. Repeat the procedure for the link "View table of provisioning related bugs".
    6. Congratulations, you've done it :).

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