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Bugzilla 165569

TPTP feature: 165569

Author: Hariharan Narayanan
Balan Subramanian
email: [1]
Last updated:

Rough workload estimate for design/code/test in person weeks:

Total 3

Rough workload estimate for doc in person days: 3.0

Rough workload estimate for build and infrastructure in person days: 1.0

Requirement summary

The MAx in TPTP 4.3, shows resource URIs in the topology view - however these are contributed by the actual managed agent implementations and not mandated by the MAX framework. This feature will update the managed agents to provide more meaningful information and the MAx will be updated to show this information in a more intutive manner - today they are shown after a user clicks ona resource.

User interactions

User interface


Extension points

Code interfaces

Design summary

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