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Bugzilla 165566

TPTP feature: 165566

Author: Balan Subramanian
email: [1]
Last updated: December 12, 2006

Rough workload estimate for design/code/test in person weeks:

Total 5

Rough workload estimate for build and infrastructure in person days: 3.0

Requirement summary

TPTP today has a notification broker for which a WSDM provider is available in the build to manage download. This enables any plugin in the workbench to register with the broker and receive WS-Notifications from WSDM resources. The MAX is today registered as a listener but processes only PropertyChange events. This feature will enable the MAX to use notifications to:

  1. Update relationship information by listening on relationship resources
  2. Update service group members by subscribing to membership change events on service groups
  3. Show different operational state of resources
  4. Show visually that a resource's properties have changed and which properties have changed

User interactions

User interface


Extension points

Code interfaces

Design summary

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