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Bugzilla 165544

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Link to bug on TPTP (this is not part of the template): [1]

TPTP feature: 165544

Author: Saurabh Dravid
Committer email: Eberbach)
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Requirement summary

  • A Manageable Endpoint Capability is a collection of properties and operations. The WSDM tooling tech preview in TPTP 4.3 allows a user to import existing WSDL and XSD definitions for defining the operations and properties of a capability. So they can create their capabilities from existing XSD and WSDL artifact files.

User interactions

User decides to build a Manageable Endpoint Capability, while creating this capability using new Capability wizard user select some XSD file to define the properties of the capability and some WSDL file to define the operation of the capability. This feature will also provide the ability to add the properties and operations from other files while editing a capability.

User interface

  • While creating new capability user is allowed to create a new empty capability or he can add some predefined properties and operations by selecting any XSD or WSDL file.We will provide two options to specify the XSD or WSDL file, first option will be user can type the path of XSD or WSDL file in text box and we will validate the path and second option will be to select the XSD or WSDL file by browsing the workspace.

    User selects "Define capability from existing WSDL file", browse button for previous option is disable, browse button associated with this option is enabled, finish button is disabled. User provides WSDL file name in the field through browse... or direct typing. Next button is enabled.

    Create new capability.png

    Browse XSD.png

    When user chooses to define the capability using existing XSD or WSDL file, we will bring one additional panel in the wizard to select existing Properties and Operations.

    Import wsdl operation wizard.png

    The checkbox tree viewer in wizard has elements nested as PortType -> Operation -> Message. So we will allow user to select different operations from different port type. We will not allow the user to select the WSDL Messages associated with WSDL operations.

    Since we are going to merge all the WSDL messages into the Capability wsdl file so we should not have two messages having the same name but falls in different namespaces. If user tries to select such operations then we can use wizard banner section to display the error message.

    Once user has selected what operations he wanted to bring in this new capability, we will merge all the WSDL messages associated with those WSDL operations in this new capability.

  • One of the limitations is that we will allow user to select only one file to import properties and operations, so if he wants to add properties and operations from more than one file he can do it from capability editor.

    Import property in editor.jpg

    Import operation in editor.jpg

    When user tries to import operations from capability editor, we will display the operations available in capability file in the checkbox tree viewer, but user will not be able to check and uncheck the operations provided by this capability.

Extension points

Code interfaces

Design summary


  • Do we need to display PortType LocalName only or combination of Namespace and LocalName in checkbox tree viewer ?
  • Since we do not allow to check and uncheck the WSDL messages, do we need to provide the checkboxes for them ?
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