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Bugzilla 159753

TPTP feature: 159753

Author:Andrew Eberbach
Last update:December 12, 2006

Rough workload estimate for design/code/test/doc/ship in person weeks:

Total 9

Requirement summary

Improve the interaction with endpoints that use complex XML types in either their properties or operation parameters.

There is a lacking UI currently in the MAX when dealing with these complex types because the schemas for all properties or parameters is impossible to know ahead of time. This means that the UI has to be generated dynamically after the connection to the endpoint has been established.

The proposal is for having an embedded XML editor that is similar in function to the XML editor found elsewhere in Eclipse. This would be a tabbed mini-editor that would sit in the MAX view and would provide editing parameters in-place. The two tabs will be Design and Source.

The design tab with let users interact with a table-tree editor for creating elements and attributes. Right clicking on an empty editor will allow the user to add one and only one top-level element.

Other operations will include adding sub-elements, sub-attributes, setting the namespace on a node (attribute or element) and setting the text content for elements. We will simplify and not support mixed text and element content, since this is generally frowned upon.

One of the secondary goals in developing this component will be to make it componentized and reusable in other eclipse projects.

User interactions

Design summary

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