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Buckminster Project/Buckminster Roadmap

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Through 2007, the Project will aim for a significant elaboration or extension of functionality at roughly three-month intervals. Our roadmap for the next 9-12 months appears below. The roadmap is currently organized thematically, and the project team is currently considering re-factoring the roadmap so that each theme can be advanced in parallel.

Release 0.2.0

Theme: Usability

  • Graphical editors for the RMAP and CSPEC
    • Use EMF for all models (awaits EMF support for generics)
    • ”Form” style editors with Eclipse look and feel
    • Intuitive and with extensive help
  • Graphical representation of a Component Model
    • Can view a complete model spanning many components
    • Should be zoomable
  • Graphical representation of the resolve process
    • Provides feedback to the user during the resolve process
    • The graph of chosen paths can be persisted
  • Standards
    • Support for Java Content Repository (JSR170)

Release 0.3.0

Theme: Support for wider range of component models

  • WAR and EAR recognition
    • project models produced by CSPEC actions
    • Reuse models supported by Eclipse Web Tools Project
    • Target common servers. Tomcat, Jboss, JOnAS
    • Commercial servers, such as Websphere, Weblogic, Oracle
  • Support for Ivy projects
  • Support for Java Modules (JSR277), subject to JSR finalization

Release 0.4.0

Theme: Support for additional languages

  • PHP/Python/Perl, C
    • Repository provider for CPAN
    • Support LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) component stack
  • Additional component models
    • Recognize CDT generated projects
    • Perhaps recognize automake/auotconf/configure projects

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