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Brainstorm session of ideas for EPIC

The following is a list of suggestions that we could implement in EPIC. This is a result of a brainstorming session held on Jan. 16. Please feel free to add new ideas and or comments.

  • Reach out to other Eclipse plug-in portals to foster better integration
  • Provide more rich information
  • Better linkage between EclipseSource and EPIC
  • Create a service and training directory, equivalent to the existing plug-in directory.
  • Encourage plug-in providers to maintain a xml file, similar to the project-info.xml file, that EPIC could spider to maintain up to date information.
  • Establish an 'integrator' list that allows organizations to specify which EPIC plug-ins they are using in their products. Then for each plugin list which integrators have bundles a particular plug-in.
  • Have Google Ads on more EPIC pages.
  • Redesign the EPIC home page
  • Provide more visibility for Foundation member plugins
  • Develop a graphical view of the eclipse ecosystem.
  • Develop a Google Map mashup to show where different parts of the ecosystem are located
  • Conduct more user surveys to get feedback.
  • Add an events calendar
  • Promote EPIC at EclispeCon

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