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BirtPOJO Viewer WebLogic Deployment

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BIRT POJO Viewer WebLogic Deployment

Install and Deploy Steps

1. Download the BIRT Runtime and extract the contents.
2. Copy commons-logging-api.jar into WebViewerExample/WEB-INF/lib
3. WAR WebViewerExample directory and rename to birt.war
4. Start WebLogic Server.
5. Open WebLocic console (eg http://host:7001/console).
6. Deploy BIRT through console.
a) Click Deployments menu in Domain Structure.
b) Click Lock & Edit button in Change Center.
c) Click Install button in right pane.
d) Click “upload your files” link to upload birt.war.
e) Click on birt.war in application list, click Next.
f) Click on “Install this deployment as an application”, click Next and then click Finish.
g) Click Activate Change button in Change Center.
h) Return to the Deployments page, select birt.war and press Start->Servicing all requests.
i) Open browser to birt application (eg http://host:7001/birt/index.jsp).

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