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Bare metal OSGI Equinox on Xen

This project would build a Xen VM that has a minimal runtime environment necessary to run OSGi applications, making smaller systems feasible in the cloud and datacenter, ultimately enabling more instances to be running in a data center, or less consumption of metered resources in a cloud. The project would build an environment to run OSGi applications on "bare metal". That is, OSGi applications running on the Xen VM, with the a minimal OS/JVM; reducing the overhead of the system 5-10 fold.

Project Summary/Abstract

This project aims to make deploying OSGi applications in clouds and data centers easier by levering the P2 provisioning system. The project will allow users to build custom cloud images from prefabricated parts via P2 mechanisms.

The project will provide a selection of base OS images and JREs, so users can compose custom cloud runtimes via P2. This selection of platforms will include a small Linux based OS for running nothing but a JRE, and a large OS for running a JREs plus other services.

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