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Babel / Development Status Meetings / 2010-03-29


Kit Y
Denis Y
Gabe Y


  • Doc translation proposal - progress
    • Was able to extract doc (HTM* & XML) files from Sequoyah & Eclipse projects
    • Each project can specify its own plugin exclude patterns (used for both properties & doc files extraction)
    • May need a few twists to exclude some configuration XML files
  • How should we save the doc files? Thoughts from Denis:
    • Since there is no turnkey solution for doing this, here are a couple of solutions I can think of for Babel.
    • 1. We use an external VCS as Antoine suggested. I think this is an entirely valid approach, although perhaps a bit more complex.
    • 2. We do like MediaWiki -- save the entire file on each save. If it works for them, it will work for us. Except:
      • when a user wants to diff two versions, we could use one of the diff libraries Gabe pointed out. No need to go to shell or write our own.
      • older revisions could pass through the gzip lib and be stored in compressed format. If a user wants to diff to an older version, we unzip it first, then pass it through the diff engine.
      • one design consideration here would be to use many tables -- perhaps one translation table per language. Or, one table to contain the 'latest' of everything and one table per language for the gzipped older versions.
  • Thoughts from Kit:
    • VCS may be an overkill
    • The main concern I had was doc file size; saving the whole file after one line change may not be very efficient
    • We probably do not need the function to inspect the diff (we don't have that for properties files)
    • Zip up old revisions (or even throw away the old revisions) may be okay?

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