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Babel / Development Status Meetings / 2009-11-23


Kit Y
Denis Y
Gabe Y


  • Galileo SR1 language packs
    • bug 289014 BIRT 2.5.0 Translation for 6 languages imported into server
    • Promoted I20091121-0400 to RC3
    • Ran p2 publisher process for RC3 build
    • Integrated Japanese doc translations for Mylyn and WTP into language packs
    • Preliminary testing is good
    • More testing in more languages and different platforms to confirm
    • Ready to announce
    • Should we replace the Babel 0.7 Language Packs (for Galileo) info on Downloads page with the new Galileo SR1 Language Packs?
  • bug 294406 Provide Babel translation features for RCP features
    • On the Eclipse project download page, there are downloads for Eclipse SDK, Platform, Platform SDK, RCP, RCP SDK, etc.
    • The reporter was looking for a language pack for "Platform" without the extra plugins in Eclipse SDK
    • Is it possible to define map file for the Eclipse Platform sub-project?
    • I defined a subset of the map files for the "eclipse.platform" project
    • After "process_map_files" and "syncup", I was able to see the files and strings on the translate page
    • I was also able to build the language packs for "eclipse.platform" project
    • Will that solve the problem?
  • Map file processing
    • I found a problem with map file processing when fixing bug 257332
    • Looks like we never used the CVS tag in map files to check out the properties files
    • Files with newer keys were used, causing "NLS unused message: " messages
    • Is it possible to process all the map files (including those for 3.3, 3.4, and 3.5) again?

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