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Babel / Development Status Meetings / 2009-10-19


Kit Y
Denis Y
Gabe Y


  • bug 290129 Babel Update Site in Target Defintion hangs for a while
  • bug 265194 babel Ganymede build has some bundles mistakenly under property_files folder hence can not be picked up
  • bug 274025[publisher] p2 metadata generator does not scale
    • Last time I checked, the p2 UpdateSitePublisher in Eclipse 3.6 M2 still took 14 hours to process Babel language packs
    • the bug has some recent activities; Pascal and Ian are working on a fix
  • CQs
    • bug 261958 Language pack should integrate the translated help; Japanese help files for WTP and Mylyn attached; CQ 3533 submitted; CQ not approved yet
      • IP team still working on some copyright issues with Mori-san
    • bug 289014 BIRT 2.5.0 Translation for 6 languages in group 1; CQ 3533 submitted; CQ not approved yet
      • All IP questions answered; submission is now awaiting analysis
  • Denis' recent works
    • Thanks Denis!
    • Is the jump to string ID for current file only?
      • Denis: no, the string ID is the unique pseudo translation string ID, it should bring you to the specific string you found in pseudo translations
    • Is the search functions for the currently selected project and version only?
      • Denis: still thinking about the design

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