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Babel / Development Status Meetings / 2009-09-28


Kit Y
Denis Y
Gabe Y
Jeff Y


  • bug 283734 Documentation Best Practices
    • I'm starting to look in more details on how to build translated doc files.
    • Looks like the idea gears more towards developers / doc writers, recommending to signle source the doc files on a wiki.
    • There are tools to help convert HTML doc files to wiki format. However, as with any conversion process, some minor manual clean up are needed after the conversion.
    • Our current thought of extracting the HTML doc files from repositories, translate, convert to wiki format and publish may not work very well.
    • Wiki conversion tools are not perfect yet. The minor manual clean up may be a problem.
    • If a HTML doc file is translated into 34 languages, each translator has to decide on how the author wants the contents to be layout and displayed if the tag is not automatically converted.
    • HTML doc files also reference image files in the doc plugin.
    • We have to have the English HTML doc files and image files in place on the wiki first. Otherwise, the translated doc files cannot reference the image files.
    • To sum up, we probably have to wait till some projects are following these Best Practices and hosting their doc files at the wiki first. Then we will work on the translation process of the wiki doc files.
    • Denis or Gabe, do you know how we host the doc files at: ?

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