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Babel / Development Status Meetings / 2009-08-24


Kit Y
Denis Y
Gabe Y
Jeff Y


  • Babel Release - post 0.7
    • focus on packaging and polishing works for the translation server, message editor, and other tools
    • any progress?
  • bug 279016 Create a simple plugin that links strings in the UI to the babel server
    • Nigel: Antoine has done some work on a web services interface, but we still don't have what we would need, ie. given a plug-in, resource bundle, message key, and language, we need to be able to look up the text and to set the text. I would not have thought it would be much work, especially given Antoine's work. But I do not have PHP experience so I can't really judge.
    • Gabe, can you help evaluate how much work is needed?
  • UI for translating doc files
    • JWG is preparing to contribute some doc translations
    • We may need a simple UI to load, view, or modify the doc translations
    • We also should start thinking about the building of the doc translations
    • If I have some sample doc translations, I can start working on the building part
    • I will contact JWG for doc translation samples
    • Denis: bug 283734 refers to a design to display Eclipse doc files in a wiki; we should take a look at that

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