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Babel / Development Status Meetings / 2009-06-15


Kit Y
Denis Y
Gabe Y
Jeff Y


  • Babel Developer Downloads site
  • Build status
    • Bug fixed - bug 279485 Language pack links are broken
    • I thought the Babel Galileo Update Site we produced already had the XSL transformation done
    • Now I remember a conversation from Denis that we had the transformation disabled because it was taking too long
    • Denis, please confirm
    • I ran the p2 publisher manually to produce the p2 repository. After that, I ran the XSL transformation. I tested the p2 repository produced. I installed the Babel language packs onto "" and "". All the language packs installed cleanly with no error messages in the .log file. Uninstalling the language packs were also successful with no error messages.
    • I think I have produced a good p2 repository for the Babel Galileo Update Site for the RC1 build. Everyone, please try this update site:
  • RC2 plan
    • I20090614-0400 finished
    • I will run the p2 publisher (which will take about 15 hours to finish) and the XSL transform against the build manually
    • I will perform a smoke test on the update sites and language packs
    • If everything is okay, we can rename I20090614-0400 to RC2 on Thursday or Friday
    • We will exercise the same process next week and declare Golden Master next Friday, June 26th
    • Denis, can we start the I-build on Friday morning or Saturday morning so I can run the p2 publisher and transform processes during the weekend and have a build ready next Monday?
  • Work items
    • p2 metadata generator is deprecated, we should use p2 publisher
    • Possible to port the p2 metadata generator to p2 publisher?
    • Need to integrate the p2 publisher step and XSL transformation step into the build process
    • Monitor bug 247099 Ability to disable greedy behavior of optional dependencies

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