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Babel / Development Status Meetings / 2009-04-20


Kit Y
Denis Y
Gabe Y


  • bug 271845 ganymede and europa language packs missing from website
    • Update Site for Galileo seems to be okay
    • [in progress] Denis is working on solving this
  • Release schedule
    • The current Language Pack build process runs for almost a day, we need to cut down on the process
    • In my opinion, it is useless to rebuild language packs for Ganymede and Europa every night, as the changeset must be very small
    • Also, to avoid the current situation where our Language Packs and update site are broken/not available, here is a proposal:
      • Our Nightly build consists of the Current Train only. In this case, our nightly build would be Galileo only. Our nightly build stays on
      • Our Weekly build consists of All Trains. This weekly build would stay on, instead of going to
      • We promote a known good Weekly build to our official download site ( on a regular basis (Perhaps monthly, or as needed after a large syncup).
    • I'd also like to propose to kick off the Weekly build on Friday night or Saturday night, so we can inspect the output on the weekend and discuss any issues on Monday

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