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Babel / Development Status Meetings / 2009-03-30


Kit Y
Denis Y
Gabe Y


  • EclipseCon
    • It was a very successful conference
    • We got a chance to meet face-to-face
    • We had a Babel Committers Working Session on Monday, March 23
    • Mori-san presented the JWG's idea of Eclipse documenetation translation plan in the Babel environment
    • JWG is designing a set of translation workflow assistant tools and translation assistant tools
    • JWG would also like to introduce a set of roles (translation coordinator, committer, reviewer, and translator) to control the quality of the translations (see more details in the long talk presenation link below)
    • Denis liked the design, but recommeded adding a web interface so that translators can translate the doc files without having to install the plug-in
    • We had the idea captured on paper, including Denis's upside down hand writings and completed with his beer bottle seal of approval :-)
    • EclipseCon 2009 meeting with JWG.png
    • Kit presented the Babel long talk "Climb the Babel Tower" on Wednesday, March 25
    • Kit's long talk was an introduction of the Babel runtime tools, Babel translation server environment, and the actual Babel translation server at
    • A short demo of the Babel translation server and the pseudo translation language packs was included in the long talk
    • The long talk presentation (minus the demo) is available here
  • bug 266250 Map file processor not running properly on live server
    • Problem resolved, Equinox and TPTP strings are now extracted and made available for translation
    • Plan to pull in old translations - Re-import? Re-sync?
    • [in progress] Denis will re-import the 3.2 translations
  • bug 268632 Update site not working
    • Denis or Antoine, please check the live server
    • [in progress] Antoine will add the site.xml back
  • bug 258783 Add translation fragments for Subversive project
    • Status - Imported to live server?
    • Antoine
      • No, I don't remember adding them, and it also looks like they are missing from the system: there are no files defined for them anymore
      • I think we have issues with the recent changes on map files. I had to change the BPMN modeler map files myself
    • [in progress] Antoine will finish this

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