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BaSyx / Documentation / Gateway

Overview | Interface | Implementation

Gateways realize the translation part of the end-to-end communication of the Virtual Automation Bus. By transparently translating the five semantic primitives from a native communication technology to another native technology, they are completely invisible to sender and receiver of messages.

For example, a GET primitive send over the BaSyx-TCP implementation can seamlessly be translated to HTTP-REST. The response to the GET primitive is handled in the same way. Gateway communication

It is possible to cascade an arbitrary number of gateways. Since the gateways utilize the same access functionalities of the VAB as a client, it is also for gateways transparent if they directly address the data provider or another gateway.

In the current implementation, gateways do not contain any further access logic since the path used for gateway access contains all necessary information for further processing, e.g. http://gw1//basyx://

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