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BaSys 4.0 Sub Models

Asset Administration Shells consist of sub models. Sub models contain (optionally nested) properties and operations. Every sub model conforms to a sub model type. Sub model types may be defined specifically for a sub model. This is usually the case when a sub model is specific to one environment, or to one plant. BaSys 4.0 also predefines sub model types for specific sub models. These sub model types are either recommendations or mandatory. Recommended sub model types are not mandatory to use, but they are considered good designs and are provided as guideline. Mandatory sub models need to be implemented in a conforming manner to ensure correct operation.


Currently, The BaSys 4.0 project defines three sub model types:

  • Topology: This sub model type defines a common sub model structure for the topology information of plants, production lines, and aggregated devices.
  • Capability: This sub model type defines a common sub model structure for the description of (device) capabilities. Capability definitions are required for the description of device provided capabilities, and of capabilities required for product production steps.
  • Identification: Virtual and physical production assets may carry different identities. For example, the same asset may be known by different identities to different stakeholders. Identifies may be globally unique or only local identities, such as serial numbers.

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