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BPS 1137

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BPS 1137: Support multiple drill down hyperlinks in charts

This project aims at improving the charting capabilities of BIRT. The focus of this project is to provide extension points to deliver greater interactivity in charts.


Planned for BIRT 2.5.

Specification Lead

Hank Christensen, Actuate Corp.

Heng Li, Actuate Corp.

Interested Parties

Wenfeng Li, Actuate Corp.


Chart interactivity will now support multiple hyperlinks on a trigger event, so when the user designs a chart report, he can set multiple hyperlinks on a trigger event. When he then previews the designed chart report and triggers the event, it should show a pop up to display all hyperlink names, and the user can select any to execute. All the hyperlink types should be supported, include URI, internal bookmark and drill-through.

Capability List

  • Add ability for a right-click mouse action to be set through APIs.
  • Add ability to create multiple hyperlinks from the same trigger event.

Specification Document(s)

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