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BPS 1127

BPS 1127 - Add support for page aggregates

This project aims at providing more capabilities to access and display page aggregates and summary data. This project will enable the report developers to access the report data from the auto-text elements and vice-versa so that they can setup the desired page output efficiently. This project also looks at providing more summary data capabilities like displaying page aggregates.


Completed for BIRT 2.5

Specification Lead

Wei Yan, Actuate Corp.

Gary Xue, Actuate Corp.

Interested Parties

Wenbing He, Actuate Corp.

Wenfeng Li, Actuate Corp.


In general an report item can only use the data which exist when it generates. Some time the user need to display the data which is not available at the generation time, such as total page, page number. The total page exists after the report document is created while the page number exist only if the page is finished (as the report content may be displayed in the next page if the user defines widow/orphan/page-break-avoid etc).

This request the feature of page aggregation. This feature is divided into three parts:

  • . a framework used to invoke scrip in pagination (different with the onCreate and onRender).
  • . a page variable which can be accessed in the page scripting.
  • . report item to display the page variable.

Capability List

  • Define onPageStart/onPageEnd/onPageBreak scripts which is executed in layout engine.
  • Define the report/page variable in the report.
  • Dccess the report/page variable in the onPageStart/onPageEnd/onPageBreak scripts.
  • Display the report/page variable through auto-text element in the master page.
  • UI for the user to create above features.

Specification Document(s)

  • Example Functional Specification Doc in Bugzilla (PDF or Doc)

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