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Using Git

Now that the BPEL Designer code is hosted in a GIT repository (, there has been some discussion lately on the bpel-dev mailing list about contributing bug fixes and enhancements to the project and the whole GIT process in general. I must admit I'm a GIT newbie myself and while there is a bit of a learning curve and "attitude readjustment", the effort is well worth the benefits of using GIT (so I am told ;^) )

To clear up any confusion about how to contribute to the project, here is what you should do:

The official documentation

is Here and here

For committers

  • Create a clone of the repo, locally fork the master branch.
  • For bug fixes, push your changes directly to the master branch.
  • For new features, create branches on, push changes to that branch, and merge the branch back into master when you feel the new feature is ready.

Note that before a new feature is added to the product, the author(s) should inform the community through the bpel-dev mailing list and/or through the BPEL Forum.

For other contributors (non committers)

  • Create a local clone of the git repo, locally fork the master branch
  • For bug fixes & features, either:
    • make changes on your local branch and send a pull request to the bpel-dev mailing list, or
    • create a patch with your changes in git-diff format, and attach it to the bugzilla

A committer will then be assigned to apply the patch on his local repo, and then to merge your changes back into the master branch at

As always, please make sure that every change (bug fix or feature) is associated with a bugzilla report, and that your commit comments include a reference to that bugzilla ID.

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