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BIRT and Buckminster


BIRT build system implemented with Buckminster


One of the actions that was agreed on the Europa Build Workshop was to enable a build system for the BIRT project based on Buckminster. Important functionality will be provided through a tight integration between Buckminster and the Maven project.

Conference calls


  • September 26, 2006
    • Thomas Hallgren: Created initial CQUERY and RMAP. This version will download the birt and datatools artifacts from their respective CVS. The rest is picked form the Callisto Update Site.
      • Project uses artifacts that must be fetched from remote sources (such as the itext.jar). A CSPEX with a prebind action that copies this from IBiblio should solve that. Question. Can itext be upgraded from 1.3 to 1.4? I can't find the former att IBiblio.
      • Fetching datatools from CVS and using Callisto is of course only temporary.
    • Proposed additions to Buckminster on the buckminster-dev newsgroup that will allow non-intrusive additions of project artifacts. Without it, everyone working on this prototype will need committer access to the BIRT project.
  • September 27, 2006
    • Thomas Hallgren: Added the suggested non-intrusive prototype mechanism to Buckminster and uploaded a new version to the update site.
  • September 28, 2006
    • Thomas Hallgren: Found that BIRT creates their source plugins on the fly. To this point, Buckminster has not been able to deal with components that come into existence during the build. We need some additional logic to handle that (see topic "Components that come into existence during a build" on the buckminster-dev newsgroup).

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