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BIRT PMC Minutes - Monday, June 9, 2008

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Monday, June 9, 2008 @ 10am Pacific.


BIRT 2.3 Development

BIRT 2.3 RC3 is done and the team announced the availability of the release last week. RC4 will be made available this week.

Jason has begun work on the New and Notable for the release, with the plan to make the N&N available in parallel with the release. Jason also plans to include example reports for many of the new features as part of the N&N.

General Information

BIRT 2.3 is the next major release of BIRT and part of the Eclipse Ganymede Simultaneous Release. BIRT 2.3 is scheduled to be release in June 2008.

The Development Plan for BIRT 2.3 is available on the Eclipse BIRT Project Development Plan pages. The Milestone schedule for the release is available in the timeline section of the Ganymede project page (BIRT is a "+2" project in this schedule).

For a list of bugs assigned to the release, refer to Bugzilla: BIRT 2.3 Assigned Bugs in Bugzilla.

BIRT 2.3 Release Review Meeting

The Ganymede Release Review meeting was last week and this included BIRT. The Ganymede release passed the review and there were no specific action items for the BIRT project team as a result of the review.

The BIRT Release Review slides will be posted on the BIRT project pages this week by Jason.

Bi-Directional Support (BiDi)

As stated a few weeks back, core API level contribution has been checked into the BIRT codebase for BIRT 2.3. Mike Fox is sending a summary on what user visibility functionality is available and Jason will incorporate this into the New and Notable for BIRT 2.3.

Mike we will also look at what post-BIRT 2.3 work will need to be done so that we can consider incorporating this into BIRT 2.3.1, 2.3.2 or the next major release. Note that for anything to be considered for the 2.3.x series, we need ensure we maintain 100% API compatibility.

General Information

For general background on this contribution, refer to the discussion of IBM's contribution of BiDi support in BIRT at the Feb 11, 2008 PMC meeting.

The contribution to the project has been submitted as is being tracked via Bugzilla:

And IPZilla:

BIRT 2.3.x Fall and Winter Maintence Releases

The Fall and Winter Maintence Releases for BIRT will be:

  • Wednesday September 24 for September/Fall Maintenance Release (This will be BIRT 2.3.1)
  • Wednesday February 25 for February/Winter Maintenance Release (This will be BIRT 2.3.2)

The Project Plan for BIRT 2.3.1 will be posted for review sometime during late June or July.

BIRT June 2009 Release Designation: BIRT 2.5

We discussed the release designation for the June 2009 release of BIRT. This is needed in the short term for Bugzilla scheduling and logistics purposes. We agreed to use BIRT 2.5 as the release designation. The primarly reason for the 2.5 vs. 2.4 choice was that this synchronizes the ".5" part with the Platform - making it easy for the community to remember which platform release corresponds to this BIRT release.

As we go through the planning exercise for this release we may revise this to BIRT 3.0 - although initial thoughts are that the June 2009 release will be similar in scope to the June 2008 release, and will therefore not warrant a major release designation.

BIRT Web Site Updates

Jason will be doing a number of updates to the website this week:

  • Updating the BIRT area to include the "About" link on the left menu as required by all projects.
  • Adding the Release Review slides and updating the structure of the Project Plans area
  • Adding the link to the Project log for BIRT 2.3

Wenfeng also updated the Project Meta Data information last week.


Webinar Series on BIRT Exchange:

BIRT Exchange is hosting a series of technical 30-minute webinars once every two weeks. Upcoming webinars are:

For archived and other upcoming webinars see the Webinar Page on BIRT Exchange.

Other Upcoming Events:


Recent articles:

Article Date Where
Developing an Eclipse BIRT XML Report Rendering Extension By Jason Weathersby, Iana Chatalbasheva, and Tom Bondur March 2008

Full list of major articles can be found on the Wiki page for BIRT Project Articles.

Other articles, tips and techniques, demos and other resoures can be found on the BIRT Exchange community site.

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