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BIRT PMC Minutes - Monday, June 30, 2008

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Monday, June 9, 2008 @ 10am Pacific.


BIRT 2.3 Development

The BIRT Project is pleased to announce that BIRT 2.3 is complete and now available for download. This is an exciting new release with many new features including:

  • Support for Eclipse 3.4 (tested with Ganymede components)
  • BIRT JavaScript Debugger to debug scripting with JavaScript
  • JavaScript validation within Expression Builder
  • Usability Improvements (e.g easier formatting, Prototype Integration of DTP Graphical Query Builder, crosstab improvements)
  • Crosstab Enhancements (e.g. scripting, computed measures)
  • Chart Enhancements (e.g. better layout, consume cube data)
  • Crosstab & Chart Integration (e.g. chart view of measure data)
  • Inclusion of External JavaScript files (e.g. references to external .js files)
  • Generate Report Document directly from BIRT Workbench
  • Extension point to create custom data extracts from Report
  • Bidirectional language support (Bidi) for Arabic and Hebrew
  • Bi-Directional enhancements for core API and BIRT runtime (e.g. rendering right-to-left reports in HTML and alternate formats such as Excel, PDF, WPML).
  • Prototype Integration of Eclipse DTP Project’s Graphical Query Builder

For a full description of the new features, see the BIRT 2.3 New and Notable. There is also a recorded New Feature Webinar available from Eclipse Live that highlights all the new features.

Congrats and thanks to the development team for all the hard work involved in completing this excellent release!

General Information

BIRT 2.3 is the new major release of BIRT and part of the Eclipse Ganymede Simultaneous Release.

The Development Plan for BIRT 2.3 is available on the Eclipse BIRT Project Development Plan pages. The Milestone schedule for the release is available in the timeline section of the Ganymede project page (BIRT is a "+2" project in this schedule).

For a list of bugs addressed in the release, refer to Bugzilla: BIRT 2.3 Assigned Bugs in Bugzilla.

BIRT 2.3.1 Development (Fall Maintenance Release)

A draft Development Plan for the BIRT 2.3 Fall Maintenance Release will be published this week. Like previous x.y.1 releases, this will be a maintenance release to address any issues indentified with the initial release.

Target date for the release is Wednesday September 24, 2008.

For a list of bugs assigned to this release, refer to Bugzilla: [

BIRT 2.3.1 Release Name

The Planning Council have proposed a different designation for the maintenance releases, using the "Service Release" style convention. Applying this to BIRT we would have:

  • Full, formal name: BIRT 2.3 Service Release 1
  • Shorter names/abbreviated: BIRT 2.3 SR1, 2.3 SR2, etc.
  • Pattern for filenames, etc.: ...-BIRT-...-2.3SR1-...tar/zip

This was discussed and there was no objection from the BIRT PMC on this approach.

BIRT 2.5 Development

The June 2009 release of BIRT will be BIRT 2.5. Detailed planning has not be finalized since we are focusing on the BIRT 2.3.1 release for the next few months. However, some provisional planning has been completed via Bugzilla. To review, refer to Bugzilla using Target = 2.5 and Keyword "Plan": [1]

JBoss Integration of BIRT

The JBoss team are integrating BIRT into the JBoss with an ODA to access Hibernate data, and integration with SEAM. More details can be found on Jira at the JBoss site: This includes an article and video on the integration work.

New Committer

Hank Christensen has been approved by the existing Committers and PMC as a new Committer for the BIRT Project. Hank will be focusing on the charting areas of BIRT.

Welcome on board!


Webinar Series on BIRT Exchange:

BIRT Exchange is hosting a series of technical 30-minute webinars once every two weeks. Upcoming webinars are:

For archived and other upcoming webinars see the Webinar Page on BIRT Exchange.

Other Upcoming Events:


Recent articles:

Article Date Where
Developing an Eclipse BIRT XML Report Rendering Extension By Jason Weathersby, Iana Chatalbasheva, and Tom Bondur March 2008

Full list of major articles can be found on the Wiki page for BIRT Project Articles.

Other articles, tips and techniques, demos and other resoures can be found on the BIRT Exchange community site.

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